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Connecting players in renewable energy projects

What is our mission and for whom?

Planet Soar supports you in the deployment of your renewable energy project infrastructures. We share your objectives.

For green project leaders, we offer a global service and provide support regardless of the geographical area.

Planet Soar has deployed an offer, oriented towards customer satisfaction. We provide solutions with you on aspects related to financing, development, supply chain and project management. This collaboration is entirely dedicated to optimizing your business model.

Actors in the field of renewable energies

A large number of companies have become aware of the challenges of sustainable development and want to take part in the energy transition.

We wish to unite all these actors and allow them to combine their skills. It is this pivotal role that PLANET SOAR intends to play.

Planet Soar has set itself the objective of constantly expanding this community of renewable energy entrepreneurs. This union will accelerate the completion of projects and also the growth of companies that will be involved. Become our partner and together we can accelerate the energy transition.



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