Planet Soar, Values for our Customers and the Environment

Our Convictions

We are convinced that value creation must be the leitmotif of the entrepreneurial adventure. And that the success of a consulting activity is based on this premise. We want to give priority to quality over quantity, because in our opinion, the services we offer should make it possible to enhance the value of the projects presented to us by our clients.

We have modelled relevant strategies to optimize the profitability of « green energy » projects. It is only under this condition of economic realism that the energy transition will become a reality. In this way, we want to earn the trust of our customers, but also that of our investor partners, without whom nothing would be possible.

Our strengths reside in the ability of our teams to offer you a global and transversal vision. Our employees, because they master all the technical, commercial and financial aspects of managing your projects, will recommend the best solutions for you during the audit, financing and marketing phases.

Our values

Upstream, project management in the field of green energy starts with a sourcing phase. It’s about finding the best partners. PLANET SOAR, supported by a network of major players in sustainable development, wants to identify for you the companies that will be able to invest themselves at your side.

Our commitment is to provide you with a global service.

When all the stakeholders in your project are gathered, we will carry it with you until it is completed. Whatever its size, we will take care of the technical studies as well as its commercialization phase. Our support will go so far as to manage your requests for proposals and negotiations with end customers.


PLANET SOAR claims its total freedom of action and choice to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions that are as close as possible to their interests.


PLANET SOAR's employees are committed to building relationships with their partners and customers based on mutual trust and total loyalty.


Because there are no standard solutions, PLANET SOAR is committed to being adaptable regardless of the size of the projects submitted to it.


This is the common denominator of all those who have committed themselves to the PLANET SOAR adventure. We are convinced that passion is the key to success.


In our opinion, this is the most important thing we owe to our customers and partners. Humility is for us a way to conquer our leadership by constantly questioning and developing our listening skills.


PLANET SOAR provides you with experienced employees in their field of expertise and led by a team spirit that guarantees collective success.

Planet Soar is based on a set of core values that represent us and that we strive to demonstrate to our customers and partners every day. These values form the solid foundation of our professional relationships with our business partners, customers and end users. It is thanks to these values and the trust we have built with each partner that we are one of the leaders in accelerating and deploying renewable energy throughout the world. Are you an investor? A project leader? Would you like to be a partner in large or small projects? Contact Planet Soar.