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About us

Planet Soar has decided to commit itself alongside all those who want to promote the energy transition. And it quickly became clear to us that we could convince many actors to join us. In other words, we became convinced that we had an « energizing » role to play in the management of renewable energy projects. Indeed, building new models dedicated to the production of renewable energies cannot be done in a scattered order. Players from different backgrounds must be brought together.      

The production of green energy requires a wide range of skills in sometimes very different fields.

To become a reality, the energy transition requires the mobilization of human energies. Project designers, equipment manufacturers and contractors need to meet each other. This first phase already allows Planet Soar to fully assume its role as coordinator. However, it is not enough. Although many projects are born, it is possible that in the end, due to a lack of funding, their dimensioning may not live up to expectations. And no innovation, no matter its degree of reliability, can succeed if the stages of the industrial process are not backed by a suitable source of funding. 

Planet Soar wants to be the high added value partner of all project leaders. 

Planet Soar’s strength is to be a generalist company in the field of renewable energies. Because we are able to understand the technical issues, but also those of equipment suppliers and investors, we can address each of these specialists. We want to position ourselves as a trusted third party for all these players. Our e-commerce platform and our privileged relationships with our partners should facilitate exchanges between equipment suppliers and prime contractors. But we want to guarantee the successful completion of projects by maintaining an unfailing link between those who undertake them and investors. 

And to carry out its mission as coordinator, Planet Soar has the privilege of being able to rely on a network of local and international players who are highly invested in the energy transition. It is to this community of economic actors in the field of renewable energy that we would like to invite you to participate with the ambition to share our sense of leadership

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Management Team

Paul Boulsch, CEO de Planet Soar

Paul Boulch

Managing Director & CEO

With PLANET SOAR, I want to make the entrepreneurial adventure a real personal commitment. Contributing to the development of renewable energies in the world will be the driving force behind this ambition.

During a professional career largely devoted to team management, I have often found that too many projects fail due to a lack of coordination. My conviction is that the success of any human enterprise depends mainly on an effective managerial strategy. I therefore want to put my experience in managing complex projects at the service of sustainable development.

Meeting the energy challenge also means bringing together the various players likely to orchestrate this transition. It is this alchemy that I want to offer our clients by creating the optimal conditions for a perfect symbiosis between investors, green project designers and their prime contractors.

Michelle Cross SEO Planet Soar

Michelle Cross

Head of International Business Development

Specialist in international business, many professional experiences in this field have allowed me to acquire a solid vision of my profession as well as a taste for challenges. Beyond a motivation driven by strong personal convictions, I am confident that sustainable development promises to be a stake for the future both in terms of society and the economy. It is therefore with enthusiasm that I joined PLANET SOAR .

My career in business, as a marketing, sales and communication manager, in both luxury and mass market industries, has brought me into contact with people from various diverse cultures in Asia, Africa and Europe. It is in these areas that environmental issues are now being addressed. It is therefore very appropriate for me to share my international relations network and expertise with PLANET SOAR.

Gilles Alain

Gilles Allain

CFO & Investment partner

A graduate of the University of Poitiers, Audencia Business School and Sciences Po Paris, Gilles ALLAIN has held numerous positions in major international groups. This course has enabled him to acquire a wide range of skills. A specialist in financial strategy issues, Gilles has a solid expertise in performance management and the management of complex projects.

Gilles' integration into PLANET SOAR's teams is a great opportunity in terms of complementarity. He will be in charge of feasibility and reliability studies for all your investment projects.