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PLANET SOAR facilitator for solar system installers

As a renewable energy professional (ENR), an installer relies on solid skills and perfect knowledge of the equipment. He is able to design customised self-consumption energy production systems. His business expertise also depends on the reliability of his supply sources. To gain efficiency in an installation such as solar panels, he must have access to a wide range of equipment suppliers. PLANET SOAR wants to be the facilitator of all these players in the energy transition. Beyond the provision of an e-commerce platform, we want our installation partners to benefit from real technical, commercial and marketing support to enable them to develop their business with an innovative configurator.

PLANET SOAR facilitator for solar system installers

PLANET SOAR facilitator for solar system installers​

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E-commerce Platform

A one-stop online shop for turning homes and businesses into sustainable energy sources. We will be providing a unique category of simple and advanced solar system products online. Our innovative integrated configurator will help you bring solar projects to reality.

PV Software tool

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Planet Soar brings you a web-based software tool set to optimize and streamline PV project development and make solar energy more attractive and affordable for the end-users. Our software allows to generate solar system commercial offer with initial layout, and economical analysis within minutes.

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