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Explaining Investment Opportunities

Why invest in renewable energy ?

Planet Soar team

The answers are obvious. The future of our planet depends on it. Sustainable development is a challenge for the future. Because fossil energy resources are depletable. Because global warming is increasing. And because in many areas, education, health, employment, our future depends on it.We must invest now in renewable energies for all these reasons.

Because the challenge of sustainable development is also an opportunity to rethink our economic models. These are already in the process of change. The energy transition is also accompanied by an industrial transition. And this shift is no longer a promise, but a reality rooted in the depths of our economies.

Investment in renewable energy is also our future because it is a source of profitability

The renewable energy (ENR) business sector is no longer in its infancy. It has been structured and now enjoys excellent prospects. Global energy consumption is expected to increase significantly by 2040. And the IEA (International Energy Agency – NGO attached to the OECD) estimates that low-carbon energies will experience the strongest growth to serve this global demand. According to this organization, global investment spending on green energy was USD 39 billion in 2004 and rose to USD 242 billion at the end of 2016.

Over the years, sustainable development has also become an issue for global growth. Green industries are now providing jobs. And the demand for qualified personnel in this sector continues to grow. Now more mature, « green » companies have reached a level of technological mastery that allows them to lower their production costs and constantly improve their profitability. Reconciling environmental objectives with economic performance opportunities. While many threaten global finance, financing the energy transition is a new opportunity for all investors. It offers them the opportunity to reposition themselves on tangible assets that are insensitive to cyclical crises to which financial markets are exposed.